Friday, April 13, 2012

way too big!

Sometimes it just hits me how old Isabel is now.  She really is not my baby anymore and seems more grown up every day.  While I am so proud of her, it pretty much brings me to tears every time this realization hits me. 

It hit pretty hard when I saw this the other day:

our pre-k grad!
(side note: It is crazy how much this picture of Isabel with her long, straight brown hair and blue cap and gown looks so much like my own graduation picture and my mom's too!)

Then later that day Isabel wanted to make a birthday card for her teacher.  Usually I help her spell words when she makes cards but this time I told her that I wanted her to sound it out all by herself.  Yes, we need to work on spacing a little bit but I think she did a great job!

My baby girl is ready for kindergarten but I'm not sure I will be!

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