Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter pics 2012

We enjoyed a nice laid-back Easter as a family this year.  It was great to spend the morning in church celebrating that Christ is risen!!  I can't imagine anything better to celebrate!  Isabel and Will enjoyed Sunday School and Isabel came home telling us all that she learned.  I love hearing her explain to Will that Jesus died on the cross in our place so we could be forgiven because he loves us so much.  Tonight she wanted to know all about the Holy Spirit.  That is a tough one to explain to a 5 year old!!
Amazingly, we managed to get a few good pictures of the kids and our family before and after church today. 

They are getting so big!

I have no idea what kind of face Will was making but he was making it in every.single.picture so you take what you get, right?

Will's teacher gave them cookies this morning in Sunday School.  She came up to me later to give me one for Isabel too.  Apparently, Will asked for one for Isabel too and got big tears in his eyes when she told him that she may not have an extra.  Luckily she ended up with one extra.  Will was so excited to give one to his sister. So sweet!!  He then needed to stop in daddy's office to eat the cookie immediately.  Obviously he couldn't wait until we got home!!

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The Gaymons said...

These are such great pictures!! The kids look adorable in their Easter outfits! Happy Easter to the Knierims!