Sunday, April 15, 2012

the award of best writer goes to....

Even though I am the one to write on/update this blog, I am NOT the writer in the family. (I know, lucky you right?)  Sure, I could whip up a decent 5 paragraph essay in less than 30 min in AP Composition in high school but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.  I'm talking about the ability to write something that other people actually want to read.  The honor of best writer goes to Josh hands down!  Not only can he write about something in that creative way that doesn't sound plain or boring, he is also able to explain seriously complex topics in a way that anyone could stay awake for and even understand.
Josh has been writing on a blog for a while now.  I obviously think it is great but I'm his wife so I know I am biased.  However recently a lady in our church read his blog and loved it.  She sent an email out to tons of people saying "you will truly be blessed by his wonderful display of words as he writes from his heart." Nice huh?  Anyway now you know it is not just me!  If you want to look at some of his writings go to:

A lot of the posts on his blog are ministry related.  If that doesn't interest you I would encourage you to go to his newest blog. 

He adds a devotion daily that is short but meaningful.  This started as a 3 week devotion guide on worship through the Psalms for our church but he has decided to continue it.  Although we know it is important, sometimes it is difficult to spend that time each day ready God's word.  This is an easy way to spend time each day drawing closer to God and learning more about the Bible.

I hope you enjoy his writings as much as I do!!

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