Friday, April 27, 2012

one step closer to kindergarten

Somehow the day has come to register my baby girl for kindergarten.  Now that it is over, I plan to live the next 3 months in denial that she will actually start kindergarten so soon.  I tried to explain to someone the other day why this is so hard for me.  Honestly, it really isn't just the fact that she is growing up.  Isabel has always acted older than her age anyway and I do love watching her become such a precious little lady.  No, the problem for me is that starting kindergarten seems to be the beginning of the end.  Yes, I know I'm being dramatic but it is true.  This step is the end of the time when she spent the majority of her day, every day, with me.  Now she will spend 7 hours a day, 5 days a week away from me..... for the next 13 years.  And then she goes to college.  See what I mean?  I know that Isabel will love school.  I know that she will love learning and making new friends.  I know that she will become more confident and independent.  All of this is good, but it doesn't stop the tears that continuously fill my eyes when I think about my soon-to-be-kindergartener!

I have been praying for a while now for Isabel as she gets closer to starting school.  She cannot wait to go but is so anxious at the same time. My sweet little girl can be extremely shy until she feels comfortable with someone or a new situation (then she becomes extremely outgoing).  She loves routine and takes a while to adjust to changes.  These qualities make something like starting a brand new school with a new teacher she doesn't know and new friends that she doesn't know pretty terrifying. 

She was pretty reserved at registration today.  She answered questions from the teachers with the shortest answers possible.  She spelled her first and last name for them but said it so quietly that they could barely hear her.  She clung to my hand as we looked at the cafeteria and the kindergarten classrooms.  On the way home Josh and I kept trying to talk to her about it and she kept changing the subject.  I know this will be an adjustment for us all.  I will just keep praying for her and reminding myself that God loves her even more than I do and He will be with her every second that she is away from me.  Seriously, how do people do anything without the peace that comes only from God?

little cowboy

After weeks of 70 and 80 degree days, we had some random cold days last week.  It was hard to explain that it was too cold to play outside to 2 kids that really wanted to be outside.  Instead, we spent hours playing with play doh, "cooking" in their little kitchen, following treasure maps to find treasure and of course a little dress up!  We managed not to go crazy inside but I'm definitely thankful that the warm weather is back!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the award of best writer goes to....

Even though I am the one to write on/update this blog, I am NOT the writer in the family. (I know, lucky you right?)  Sure, I could whip up a decent 5 paragraph essay in less than 30 min in AP Composition in high school but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.  I'm talking about the ability to write something that other people actually want to read.  The honor of best writer goes to Josh hands down!  Not only can he write about something in that creative way that doesn't sound plain or boring, he is also able to explain seriously complex topics in a way that anyone could stay awake for and even understand.
Josh has been writing on a blog for a while now.  I obviously think it is great but I'm his wife so I know I am biased.  However recently a lady in our church read his blog and loved it.  She sent an email out to tons of people saying "you will truly be blessed by his wonderful display of words as he writes from his heart." Nice huh?  Anyway now you know it is not just me!  If you want to look at some of his writings go to:

A lot of the posts on his blog are ministry related.  If that doesn't interest you I would encourage you to go to his newest blog. 

He adds a devotion daily that is short but meaningful.  This started as a 3 week devotion guide on worship through the Psalms for our church but he has decided to continue it.  Although we know it is important, sometimes it is difficult to spend that time each day ready God's word.  This is an easy way to spend time each day drawing closer to God and learning more about the Bible.

I hope you enjoy his writings as much as I do!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

way too big!

Sometimes it just hits me how old Isabel is now.  She really is not my baby anymore and seems more grown up every day.  While I am so proud of her, it pretty much brings me to tears every time this realization hits me. 

It hit pretty hard when I saw this the other day:

our pre-k grad!
(side note: It is crazy how much this picture of Isabel with her long, straight brown hair and blue cap and gown looks so much like my own graduation picture and my mom's too!)

Then later that day Isabel wanted to make a birthday card for her teacher.  Usually I help her spell words when she makes cards but this time I told her that I wanted her to sound it out all by herself.  Yes, we need to work on spacing a little bit but I think she did a great job!

My baby girl is ready for kindergarten but I'm not sure I will be!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter pics 2012

We enjoyed a nice laid-back Easter as a family this year.  It was great to spend the morning in church celebrating that Christ is risen!!  I can't imagine anything better to celebrate!  Isabel and Will enjoyed Sunday School and Isabel came home telling us all that she learned.  I love hearing her explain to Will that Jesus died on the cross in our place so we could be forgiven because he loves us so much.  Tonight she wanted to know all about the Holy Spirit.  That is a tough one to explain to a 5 year old!!
Amazingly, we managed to get a few good pictures of the kids and our family before and after church today. 

They are getting so big!

I have no idea what kind of face Will was making but he was making it in every.single.picture so you take what you get, right?

Will's teacher gave them cookies this morning in Sunday School.  She came up to me later to give me one for Isabel too.  Apparently, Will asked for one for Isabel too and got big tears in his eyes when she told him that she may not have an extra.  Luckily she ended up with one extra.  Will was so excited to give one to his sister. So sweet!!  He then needed to stop in daddy's office to eat the cookie immediately.  Obviously he couldn't wait until we got home!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twas the day before Easter.........

We had a great "day before Easter" decorating eggs, playing outside, looking in Easter baskets, and grilling out. 

The kids were definitely more into dying eggs this year.  Isabel figured out how to make an egg 2 colors and Will just liked dropping in the eggs and "stirring" them

no one was surprised that Isabel wanted her first egg to be pink

It helps to concentrate if your stick out your tongue

the finished product

After nap time the kids woke up to find surprises in their Easter baskets!  

these kids LOVE peeps!

Now we are ready for Easter Sunday!  I love how much more my kids understand this year about why Jesus died for us on the cross.  I want them to understand the sacrifice and amazing love of God!!