Friday, March 2, 2012

Pictures Isabel (5) and Will (3)

We had not had the kids' pictures made in over a year so I finally convinced Josh that it was time to get them done (his least favorite thing to do!).  As always, it was an adventure but I think a lot of them turned out really well.  Both kids did really well at first but Will got pretty silly after the first few poses and it was very hard to get a normal smile out of him.  Yes, I'm about to post a million pictures.  It is too hard to pick the ones I want to buy after looking through 150 pictures.  At least I don't have to narrow it down quite as much when I post here. :)

yes, Will decided to try to pick up his big sister.....not exactly the picture we were going for!

**did you notice how red Isabel's hair looks in some of these pictures?  She gets compliments on her hair color at least once a day.  I love that it is so unique and a mixture of so many colors.


Sandra White said...

Great pics of two ADORABLE kids!

Rachel said...

Great photos and super cute kids! I love them all.