Thursday, March 8, 2012


I haven't done a funnies post in forever so of course that means I have forgotten 90% of the funny things they have said.  Oh well.  Here are some I remember from the last few months.

**On our way to the Opryland Hotel before Christmas
Isabel:  what is the name of that flower that makes the big Christmas tree?  Pornsettia?

**In the car after church
Isabel: today we learned about this guy.  He was mean but then he couldn't see and then he was nice.
Me:  Do you remember his remember his name?  Remember it God changed his name?
Isabel:  Paul?
Will:  Yeah, it was Paul and then it changed to Jesus.

**You will only understand this if your kids watch Super Why....
Me:  Will put your shoes on please
Will:  I can't. It is not in my story!

**After watching a Magic School Bus about the human body, Isabel was explaining what she learned to William..
Isabel:  there are red blood cells and white blood cells in our body
Will:  and green blood cells and blue blood cells and ....
Isabel:  No, that is not right.....but you did get their last names right. good job!

**Interesting questions I have been asked by Will recently......
"When I came out of your belly, did I break it?"
"Could you hear me talking when I was in your belly?"
"What did I like to eat when I was in your belly?"

**Interesting questions I have been asked by Isabel recently...
"Exactly how did Jesus die on the cross?"
"How are Jesus and God the same thing?"
"How old do you have to be when you have to die?"

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