Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day

I realize that I am really late in posting this but better late than never right?

We had fun celebrating Valentine's day this year.  Isabel and Will had to make the difficult decision of which valentine cards to pass out to their friends.  Isabel was excited to actually get to write her own names on the cards this year and Will was just excited to decide which card went to which friend.  They both enjoyed a Valentine's day party in their classes at school and came home with bags full of candy.  Remember when you just passed out those little valentine's.  Now candy is a must.  When did that happen??

Josh and I got to enjoy lunch together on Valentine's day and then our night was full of Isabel's gymnastics/dance class and dinner with the kids.  We did get the kids a few fun Valentine surprises...

Our little man is all about superheroes these days (which makes me laugh since he has not actually seen any superhero movie) so he was super excited about his superman shirt

 and his spiderman mask

Our girly girl has been asking to wear one of my necklaces every day recently so we got her a new heart necklace and a cute new spring dress
(since Isabel only wants to wear dresses every day I have decided that 98% of the spring/summer clothes that I buy for her will just be dresses. I'm all for less drama while getting dressed)


Angie said...

Will is cracking me up with his "too cool for school" poses. When did he get so big??!! And yay for dresses for Isabel. They're easier anyway!

kaw said...

Mae feels the exact same way and so I'm doing the exact same thing. And really, dresses are easy! :)