Thursday, February 9, 2012

Isabel's top 5 at 5

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was cute so I'm stealing it. :) 

Isabel's top 5 favorite things, activities, people, etc at age 5....

1. Barbies, princesses, doll house, my little pony:  I know these may seem very different to you but they all go in the same category with Isabel.  She plays with all of them in the same way and often mixes them together.  Didn't you know that barbies are friends with my little ponies and princesses can live together in the dollhouse with the doll house family?  I love watching Isabel play.  She is so creative and imaginative!  She will sit in the floor in her own little world talking to her barbies, making them talk to each other, or setting them up in an elaborate scene.  These little dolls have their own little school, dance class and church on a regular basis.  They drive around in cars, sit on the stairs to get their pictures made and even get sent to time out if they misbehave.  Isabel can never be bored as long as she has a barbie or some little doll with her!!

2. Writing, drawing, painting:  I am so thankful that so far, Isabel loves school.  She loves learning about different things and often comes home to explain it to Will and me.  She also loves practicing her writing and learning to read more and more.  Isabel also loves all things arts and crafts.  She has always loved coloring but in the past few months she has become quite the little artists.  I am always amazed at how well she can draw things because I am terrible at drawing!  Over the years, her people have evolved from heads with arms and legs to people with detailed hair, specific outfits, eyelashes and even bows and accessories.  Like most things, she is a perfectionist when it comes to her creations so I now know to give her plenty of time to complete her masterpieces!

3.  Dancing and gymnastics:  Isabel has always been one that loved to entertain by singing and dancing.  She still does that sometimes but spends more time practicing her gymnastics these days.  She loves her class that is a mixture of dance, gymnastics and cheer leading.  The perfectionist in her causes her to practice like crazy to get better at the things she knows she is not great at yet.  Her bridges are great, cartwheels are getting better and her "kick-ups" will be handstands some day soon.  I'm so proud of her and the effort she puts into it. 

4.  God and Jesus:  I have prayed regularly since I was pregnant with Isabel that she would know God early, understand His love for her, and live her life for Him.  I am so thankful that so far she truly seems to grasp some pretty difficult theological concepts and genuinely loves God.  Isabel will tell anyone that asks that God and Jesus are her best friends.  (she also loves to correct her little brother if he says someone else is his best friend). She loves going to church and reading her bible and is even living out some of what she learns.  I can't tell you how many times she has heard that someone is sick and immediately tells me that she wants to pray for them.  And then she does!  I pray that this love will only continue to grow and grow.  I know God has big plans for my little girl!

5.  Her family and friends: Isabel is definitely a people person.  While she can be shy at first around people she does not know well, she quickly makes friends and becomes quite the extrovert.  Right now we have entered the stage where only girls are her "best" friends.  The differences between boys and girls are big for her and she only wants to do girl things with girls!  Unless of course it concerns her daddy or brother.  She will jump right in and try to play football and wrestle (although she usually decides pretty quickly that she doesn't like it and will decide to cheer from the side).  Isabel has always been a daddy's girl and I pray that she always will be.  She also loves to do girly things with me which I love.  Even though they fight like crazy sometimes, she loves William and can be extremely protective over him.  Isabel loves people big and I love that about her.

At 5, Isabel is sweet and caring.  She is sensitive, dramatic, and emotional.  She is ALL GIRL!  She is quick to help others and loves being a "little mommy" to any children younger than her.  She has a deep respect for rules and tries her hardest to obey them.  She believes justice is very important and is deeply upset if something happens that she does not think is fair.  She is smart, a perfectionist, and can be pretty stubborn.  She misses nothing and remembers everything!  She challenges me, frustrates me and brings us so much joy! We love her so much and cannot wait to see what God has in store for her.

  *height: 43.75in (75th percentile)
  *weight: 41 pounds (60th percentile)

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