Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isabel turns 5!

Somehow my baby girl has turned 5! Although it may be have been a little sad for me, Isabel was nothing but excited.  She referred to herself as "the 5 year old" all day and constantly pointed out the things she could do or reach now that she was 5.  My 5 year old definitely keeps us entertained!  While it is a little hard to see proof that my baby is not actually a baby anymore, I am also looking forward to all of the fun things I can do with my big girl as she grows up.

I feel like we have been celebrating Isabel's birthday for weeks...probably because we have!  We, of course, celebrated a little more on her actual birthday.  She woke up at 6:45am (which is very early for her) because she was so excited she could not sleep anymore!  That excitement lasted all day!  She had fun playing with Grams that morning and then got to pick where we would eat lunch so we all enjoyed lunch at Steak-n-shake.  Isabel immediately informed our waitress (and everyone else that we came in contact with all day) that it was her birthday!  That night we went to family night at Chick-fil-a and then played at My Gym...basically Isabel's perfect night.

For each birthday my mom gives Isabel a new angel that I collected when I was a little girl.  I love seeing my little girl get excited about getting then now!

We had to look in the blog book to see all the pictures from when Isabel was born

I had to do a little photo-shoot with the birthday girl before lunch.
Isabel never minds having her picture taken and is always ready with a pose!!

I love that sweet smile!

My little man got a little jealous of the attention on Isabel and wanted to take a picture too!

can you feel the love?

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Giann said...

I cannot believe it has been that long!! I remember when you were pregnant with her... wow. Now, I feel old. ;)