Monday, January 23, 2012

Partying with Belle

Saturday we celebrated Isabel's 5th birthday with a party at the movie theater.  We had to have her party about 2 weeks before her actual birthday but it was worth it to see Beauty and the Beast with Isabel and some of her sweet friends.  The majority of the girls sang along with every song and all squealed when Belle came down the stairs all dressed up in her beautiful yellow gown.  It was so fun to see the movie through the eyes of 4 and 5 year old girls.

Before watching the movie we had a little party in a room at the theater.  The girls decorated their own cupcakes, opened presents and decorated goody bags before filling them with princess goodies!  We are so blessed that Isabel has so many precious little friends that have fun mommies too!  It was the perfect party for my little princess.

Isabel made sure the table was perfect while she waited on her friends to get there.

Isabel and Shelby

A couple of weeks before her birthday party, I asked Isabel if she wanted a cake or cupcakes.  After thinking for a while she said she wanted cupcakes....but only if SHE got to be the one to pass them out.  Can you tell by the look on her face how much she loved giving one to each friend?

Everyone was in deep concentration while they decorated their cupcakes

the look on her face while we sang Happy Birthday!

I took a couple of group shots but never got one of the whole group

"We love Beauty and the Beast!"


The Gaymons said...

Such a fun and cute party! I love the last picture with Will in the front....the prince amongst all of the princesses!

kaw said...

So cute! What a fun party idea!!!