Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver Bells

For the past few weeks Isabel's dance class has been practicing their Christmas dance.  No parents were allowed at practice so it would be a surprise, even the song they would be dancing too.  Of course I had no idea why Isabel had a new obsession with the song Silver Bells until their performance started. :)  I love how much Isabel loves her dance class and friends and how excited she gets about performing for us.  Although my camera decided to stop working (ok maybe there was a slight user error) during the actual performance, I took plenty of pictures before and after!

My sweet dancer

Isabel was so excited that her daddy brought her flowers
(that she had been requesting for a week. ha!) 

this girl loves her daddy!

Will felt the need to do some gymnastics too after patiently watching the girls

 Isabel with two of her best friends in her class.

love my girl!

I can't tell you how proud we have been of Isabel.  She is now one of the older girls in her dance class and has become such a leader.  Her teacher tells us often how much of a help Isabel is with the younger girls.  She helps them know where to go and what to do.  Her teacher has also told us that she is often one of the few girls that is always quiet and paying attention when she is supposed to be.  This is actually her last performance with this class.  She is ready to move up to the next level class that has more difficult gymnastics in it.  Isabel is excited but I think she is a little nervous too.  I just can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up!

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