Monday, December 12, 2011

preschool Christmas party

Our preschool Christmas party at church was this past Saturday morning.  The kids had fun playing games, making ornaments, eating snacks, decorating cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  It was a fun morning and one more way to remind our kids the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

I just wanted a cute picture of them together in their reindeer shirts but neither would cooperate!

Will painted his ornament for maybe a minute and most of that was spent mixing the paint together.  

Isabel, however, would have stayed there forever to make sure that every inch was perfect.  She really wanted to let one side dry and come back to paint more on the back but there was not time.  

Nativity in stickers!

Will really wanted to spread the icing all by himself!

Someone offered to take a family picture.  Apparently my children were annoyed by the interruption. They had cupcakes to decorate and EAT!

Isabel was willing to stop and smile mid-bite

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