Thursday, December 1, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year.......

Although there has been Christmas decorations in stores for about a month and Christmas music on the radio for weeks (which I'm secretly ok with b/c what is so bad about a few more days of the greatest music ever?!), the Christmas season has just now officially begun at our home. 

First of all, today at school Will made reindeer food.  Cute idea right?  Well, I thought so too until.... Will kept trying to eat it and became very upset when I explained that it wasn't for him to eat.  According to him, HE made it and HE should get to eat it.  Isabel, on the other hand, could not have disagreed more.  She was very worried that the reindeer would have nothing to eat and would be too tired to fly.  Eventually I calmed Isabel with promises that we could make more and then bribed Will with a different snack.  The reindeer food is now well-hidden. 

After all of that fun, we decided to finally get most of our decorations up.  After being out of town for Thanksgiving and then having something Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night afterwards this was our first chance.  The kids are VERY excited about everything.  The only downside is that Will asks if it is now Christmas every time he sees anything Christmas related .  We started a countdown calendar today but I'm not getting my hopes up.  I'm pretty sure I'll be explaining that it is not yet Christmas pretty regularly for the next 24 days! 

To continue our Christmas theme, we also went to the library tonight.  They read Polar Express and then Santa made a visit.  Josh and I were not sure what to expect.  If you remember from last year Will was not a huge fan.....and by that I mean he screamed at the sight of Santa.  However, this year he just stared as Santa walked in and commented on how long his beard was.  When it was time to go talk to him, Isabel (being such a sweet BIG sister) quickly pushed Will ahead to go first and Will did fine.  He walked up and said that he would like a truck for Christmas (b/c we only have 1 million already).  Isabel then told Santa that she would like an art teacher Barbie.  While we were in line only 2 minutes before this, she told Josh and me that she wanted an angel barbie (which I'm pretty sure don't exist).  Josh quickly hinted that she may like a barbie that teaches painting and art more (because it is already hidden in our house) and luckily she agreed.  I'm not sure how much longer those subtle hints will work so I'm enjoying them while we can!

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