Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Christmas!

Christmas was such a fun day!  The kids were so excited to see what Santa left that morning and were so happy with all of their presents.  After a quick breakfast we opened a few presents before time to get ready to go to church.  We had a family service at church and Isabel and Will did really well.  It was nice to spend some time on Christmas day remembering the true reason we celebrate and praising God for sending his son to save us all.  After church we had a big brunch, took naps and then opened more!  It was a wonderful Christmas!
Will's loot from Santa

Isabel's loot from Santa

Will loves his castle...but so does Isabel.  The castle is now filled with plenty of princesses for brave knights and superheros to save!

Isabel was so proud of the present that she made and wrapped for us at school.  It was a beautiful picture of her in a frame with puzzle pieces on it.  The back said, "I love you to pieces!"  So cute!

Winnie the Pooh and Barbie Nutcracker...definitely a hit!

Will loved his huge dinosaur (his daddy may have thought it was pretty cool too!)

Christmas pictures before church

I'm a lucky girl!

Isabel saw this months ago and just knew her Nana would love it!  She was so excited to finally give it to her!

a special gift from Grams to Will for his new big boy room

cutest raincoats for the cutest kids!
(yes, Will was a little over pictures by this point)

Will got a possum for Christmas!  A few months ago he decided that the word possum was the funniest word ever.  He calls everyone a possum and says "awesome possum" multiple times a day.  When Josh and I saw this stuffed possum we couldn't resist buying it for him!

Nana bought Will a Titans football uniform and helmet.  The jersey even has shoulder pads.  Will LOVES it!

Doctor Barbie for Isabel
(Josh and I were getting pretty frustrated that so many barbies are barely clothed so we were excited about this professional line of barbies for our little girl!)

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