Thursday, December 15, 2011

bye bye baby room

Last week we moved Will to a real big boy bed.  His crib converts to a full size bed so we took the crib apart and made it a real bed instead.  I have to admit that I may have had some tears in my eyes when I saw Josh taking apart the crib.  One of my babies has been sleeping in that crib for the past 5 years!  Now they are both in real beds!

My little man does love his bed though

After putting together his bed, Josh and I quickly realized that the glider and ottoman would not fit anymore.  It was time to sell it.  Sadly Fortunately we were able to sell it quickly.  It was nice to make some money and to be able to move it since we didn't have room for it but it made me really sad too.  I have a lot of memories of my babies rocking in that chair.  I know some may think that it is a little crazy to have a blog post dedicated to a piece of furniture but it was a special piece of furniture so it makes sense to me!

I can remember carefully picking it out when I was pregnant with Isabel and putting it in her nursery.  It was hard to even imagine sitting there and rocking my baby at that time.  That became the chair that I spent hours rocking, nursing and praying for my baby girl in as I just looked at her sweet face.  Once she got a little older she would ask to "rock rock" after her naps.  She would happily sit in my lap and rock until she was completely awake.  Around that time I got pregnant with Will.  I kept rocking Isabel but there was a belly in the way.  I continued to pray for Isabel as I rocked but added prayers about her becoming a big sister and for our new little baby boy.

The glider again became a part of the new nursery for Will.  Again I spent hours rocking, nursing and praying for my baby boy.  As they got older Isabel and Will began rocking each other and playing with the chair. (there may or may not be some marks on the wall behind the glider to prove this).  However if Will woke up in the middle of the night, I still got a chance to rock my baby boy. 

I am excited about this new stage in our life with a 3 year old and almost 5 year old but it is hard not to miss the baby stage sometimes too.  Luckily Isabel and Will still love to snuggle with their mommy and understand that they will always be my babies!

I had to stop and take one last picture of Will (Isabel was still sleeping) in the glider before Josh loaded it in the van.  
(yes, Will does have a black eye.  He smashed his face into the trashcan while trying to reach his ball!)

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The Gaymons said...

He looks like he is loving his big boy bed!!