Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back to the Opryland Hotel

We had so much at the Opryland Hotel last year so I was excited to go back and see the lights again this year. It really is amazing and I love watching the kids' faces as they take it all in. 

family photo in front of the huge Christmas tree

another family photo with fun effects

Isabel and Will were troopers.  They did pretty well walking around for a long time and were even willing to stop and let me take a few pictures.  They enjoyed the lights but the "shooting fountains" were by far their favorite 

Our friends Ben and Jenn went with us this year.  I'm so thankful for such great friends that don't mind hanging out with us and our kids too.  

Our kids love them too.  At times Will only wanted to hold Ben's hand and Isabel wanted her picture taken with Jenn.  She insisted on this pose to show off her fingernails. 

If only I had better photography skills to really show how amazing the lights are....

towards the end of the night this was the best I could get! ha ha!

my little man got tired of walking and needed a ride on daddy's shoulders

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