Thursday, December 8, 2011

Annual gingerbread house night

The gingerbread house night at our church has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  It is funny how different each year is from the year before.  There are certain times when it hits me that my kids are really growing up.  These annual events always do it to me.  Instead of just eating the crackers or only being interested in the decorating for a minute or two, Will really got into it this year.  Yes, he loved the candy but the majority of the candy actually made it to the house this year instead of his mouth.  I would add the icing and then he could decorate it all by himself!  Isabel was able to do a lot of decorating last year but this year she insisted on even doing the icing herself.  She was so serious about it and loved being able to create anything she wanted!!

checking out the candy selection before we got started

Isabel was so proud that she could do the icing herself! 

Will concentrating hard to make sure those marshmallows are placed just right!

One of Isabel's school friends came too.  The girls were so cute together!

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