Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We had so much fun going trick or treating this year! It was easily the best Halloween we have had in years.  Three years ago we had just moved, Isabel was too young to really get Halloween, I was VERY pregnant with Will, already about 3cm dilated and was supposed to be on bed rest!  The past two years were definitely easier but the kids still didn't "get it" completely, wanted to be carried a lot or got scared easily.  However this year they were awesome!  They happily walked the whole time, had no problem going up to each house saying "trick or treat!" and didn't get scared of other costumes or scary houses.  They loved their costumes and were excited about everything!  I was so proud of them and had so much fun!

Isabel loved passing out candy

My angel and my football player looking so cute!

It's candy time!

Will's Heisman pose.  ROLL TIDE!!

So happy about candy!

silly kids in their Halloween pajamas!

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The Gaymons said...

Love the adorable picture in the pjs....make me want to laugh, too!! Looks like ya'll had a fun Halloween.