Monday, November 21, 2011

Presents too!!

I don't think that Will even realized that presents were part of birthdays at first.  On the way to his party I was explaining that his friends would bring him gifts and he needed to make sure he said "thank you." (He then added that then they had to say "your welcome!")  It did not take him long to decide that presents were a pretty awesome part of birthdays and he got some great stuff!!

Now that he is 3, we are changing Will's "nursery" into a big boy room.  He is so excited! This may shock you but it will have a sports theme!! Grams got him these pillows to go on his bed.  I'm not sure how much time they will actually spend on his bed though.  So far they have been kicked and thrown about a million times!!

Will loves Woody (even though he hasn't actually seen all of Toy Story).  My favorite is when he says, "howdy partner!" in his best cowboy voice!

 Nana brought noise makers!
(there is no way that the person who invented these torture devices fun toys had young kids! I sure hope we don't lose these too soon)

Papa got Will this blowup playland with FIFTY balls.  Yes, I said FIFTY balls.  Because we needed to add 50 more balls to the 1 million already in our home.  Obviously Will LOVES it!

Isabel thinks it is pretty fun too!

my 3 year old and way-too-close-to-5 year old cuties!

Isabel was so excited about getting Will a present this year.  She has a piggy bank (that she thinks has millions of dollars in apparently) but Will doesn't.  She decided a while ago that she wanted to use some of the money in her piggy bank to buy him one. 

Will loved it and immediately needed change out of daddy's pocket to put in his piggy bank

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Anonymous said...

I hope Will had a super fun 3rd birthday!! He looks so happy! I have to comment on sweet Isabel, too. . .first of all, love, love the striped dress on her, such a favorite of mine! I'm still keeping my eyes peeled on Ebay for another one! Also, the pink dress that she has on in one of them with the zebra heart, my girls have it, so expect a bigger one later. My parents thought I was crazy for adding a b/w polka dotted bow with it, but I loved it! AND, just FYI, I ordered zebra tights the other day to go with it for fun! :) Anyway, I heard his birthday was a complete success, and I'm so happy that it all went well! I can't believe he is 3...when my Lily was in Kindergarten, he was not even 1, yet, and that seems like yesterday.