Sunday, November 20, 2011

Party like a 3 year old!!

Since Will's birthday was on a Sunday this year, he basically enjoyed an entire birthday weekend!  Even though he had been sick earlier this week and still not feeling 100% he definitely enjoyed his weekend celebration!   He really got into his birthday this year more than ever before which made it more fun for all of us. 

Saturday morning started with his birthday party.  We had it at a play area at a local church that is one of his favorite places.  So many of his friends came and they had so much fun climbing, sliding, and being silly.

Birthday boy!

I can't believe my little man is already 3

Will loves his friend, Adam. Adam has twin sisters that are 2 weeks older than Isabel so we love playing with this family.  Will and Adam are both ALL BOY and are trouble when they are together.  

 We are so thankful for all of Will's sweet friends

Will requested cupcakes with footballs on them!

blowing out the candle

Isabel and her friends enjoying cupcakes

silly boy

This is Will with his friend, Addie.  She is in his class at school.  Will loves Addie so much and the feeling is definitely mutual.  Most days Will's school papers say that he enjoyed "playing with Addie" or spent the day asking about her if she isn't there.  Will has even eaten broccoli multiple times just because "Addie eats broccoli."

 Isabel and Papa

I'm glad 3 year olds can still love on their mommy!

Isabel LOVES face painting...

and Will loved his balloon sword!

Isabel and Nana
(somehow I didn't take a single picture of Will with Grams but she was there to celebrate too!!)

We all had a great time at his party.  Afterwards we played at the park and then had lunch at cracker barrel so he could have his favorite....lima beans!! ha ha! 

I'm so thankful for family that drives to celebrate with us, sweet friends to play with, and my precious birthday boy!

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Angie said...

Where does the time go?? Can't believe he is 3. Looks like he had a great bday!