Monday, November 21, 2011

My little man is three

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since this precious boy entered our life as an absolutely beautiful newborn.  He is now 34 pounds, 38.5 inches of a smart, silly, snuggly, sports loving BOY!  We love him so much and know our family would not be complete without him.

Although he can get a little upset when things don't go his way (but who doesn't), Will is usually a happy boy.  We do have to remind him repeatedly to be gentle ("tagging someone does not mean shoving them") but he very rarely hurts someone on purpose.  He just plays very aggressively sometimes.  Will would rather be running, jumping or tackling than pretty much anything else.  He still loves all things sports related but has recently decided that cars and trucks are pretty cool too!  He also loves coloring, writing (because he wants to be just like his big sister), playing play-doh and reading. 

Will is usually a very outgoing kid.  After dealing with such intense separation anxiety when he was younger, I'm so thankful for this.  He has fun playing with kids his own age but also loves babies and still thinks some of the teenage boys in our youth group are his best friends. 

Like his sister, Will likes to entertain.  He loves music at school and is constantly singing a song at home.  He will also put on a football or baseball game for us to watch.  He still has his imaginary friends (mainly his brother) and is constantly telling us a story about something crazy that they did.  He is a funny kid and has started "telling jokes."  His jokes never really make sense but he starts laughing so hard at himself that we cannot help but laugh too! 

Will is still a momma's boy but wants to be just like daddy!  He loves his sister and feels it is his full-time job to aggravate her constantly! :)  I guess that it what being a little brother is all about!  Will can be exhausting and frustrating one second and hilarious and sweet the next.  We love our little man!!

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