Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving photo-shoot

I really wanted to take a picture of the kids over Thanksgiving to use for our Christmas card this year.  I'm not sure if I found one that I will use but I did get a few cute ones....and some funny ones too!

Isabel really thought this was the best pose for a Christmas card picture...

I'm pretty sure one of these will be the winner.  Don't you think? :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Once again we headed to Birmingham to spend Thanksgiving and had a great time.  Each year holidays seem to get a little more fun as our kids enjoy them and understand them more and more.  This year both kids seemed to provide a constant musical soundtrack of Thanksgiving songs they had learned.  According to Isabel and Will, the most exciting part of this trip was that they got to share a room for the first time.  After listening to them whisper for over 30 minutes the first night, Josh and I were not sure it was going to work.  They eventually fell asleep and we actually enjoyed listening to their whispers and hilarious conversations over the next few nights.  Even though they can fight like crazy, I know they are so thankful for each other!  I know I am so thankful for both of them too!

It's turkey time!!  Isabel is a very picky eater and Will's diet is usually pretty limited because of his food allergies so I'm never sure what my children will actually eat at certain meals.  I was pretty impressed with them this year though.  Isabel ate her turkey and some vegetables and Will ate turkey and vegetables too and was even willing to try mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

my little man hanging around the kitchen
I think it is funny that I have a very similar picture of him from last year

The weather was amazing so we spent a lot of time outside.  The kids tried to help Nana with her leaves.....

or maybe they just wanted plenty of leaves to jump in and throw.

 After throwing leaves everywhere, Will got serious and helped his daddy.

Most of the time I love my kids' imaginations but sometimes it can be a little creepy.  We helped Nana get out some of her Christmas decorations and both Isabel and Will loved these caroling people.  They played with them forever and set them up all over the house.  Let me tell you, it can be a little unsettling to run into one of these "people" in a dark room!

We had a fire one night and made smores.  Will was mesmerized by the fire.

Uncle Matt explained fire safety and how to eat a smore!

 After they got tired of the carolers, they moved on to playing with the snowmen

I had high hopes of taking some great family pictures but it never happened.  In fact, I realized that we did not take one single family picture and insisted on at least one quick one before we headed home.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren gave Will a Nerf gun for his birthday?  He loves it and we have already had about a million talks about where it should be pointed...and especially where it should not be!  yep, boys are fun!

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever!" Psalms 136:1

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thess 5:16-18

Monday, November 21, 2011

My little man is three

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since this precious boy entered our life as an absolutely beautiful newborn.  He is now 34 pounds, 38.5 inches of a smart, silly, snuggly, sports loving BOY!  We love him so much and know our family would not be complete without him.

Although he can get a little upset when things don't go his way (but who doesn't), Will is usually a happy boy.  We do have to remind him repeatedly to be gentle ("tagging someone does not mean shoving them") but he very rarely hurts someone on purpose.  He just plays very aggressively sometimes.  Will would rather be running, jumping or tackling than pretty much anything else.  He still loves all things sports related but has recently decided that cars and trucks are pretty cool too!  He also loves coloring, writing (because he wants to be just like his big sister), playing play-doh and reading. 

Will is usually a very outgoing kid.  After dealing with such intense separation anxiety when he was younger, I'm so thankful for this.  He has fun playing with kids his own age but also loves babies and still thinks some of the teenage boys in our youth group are his best friends. 

Like his sister, Will likes to entertain.  He loves music at school and is constantly singing a song at home.  He will also put on a football or baseball game for us to watch.  He still has his imaginary friends (mainly his brother) and is constantly telling us a story about something crazy that they did.  He is a funny kid and has started "telling jokes."  His jokes never really make sense but he starts laughing so hard at himself that we cannot help but laugh too! 

Will is still a momma's boy but wants to be just like daddy!  He loves his sister and feels it is his full-time job to aggravate her constantly! :)  I guess that it what being a little brother is all about!  Will can be exhausting and frustrating one second and hilarious and sweet the next.  We love our little man!!

Presents too!!

I don't think that Will even realized that presents were part of birthdays at first.  On the way to his party I was explaining that his friends would bring him gifts and he needed to make sure he said "thank you." (He then added that then they had to say "your welcome!")  It did not take him long to decide that presents were a pretty awesome part of birthdays and he got some great stuff!!

Now that he is 3, we are changing Will's "nursery" into a big boy room.  He is so excited! This may shock you but it will have a sports theme!! Grams got him these pillows to go on his bed.  I'm not sure how much time they will actually spend on his bed though.  So far they have been kicked and thrown about a million times!!

Will loves Woody (even though he hasn't actually seen all of Toy Story).  My favorite is when he says, "howdy partner!" in his best cowboy voice!

 Nana brought noise makers!
(there is no way that the person who invented these torture devices fun toys had young kids! I sure hope we don't lose these too soon)

Papa got Will this blowup playland with FIFTY balls.  Yes, I said FIFTY balls.  Because we needed to add 50 more balls to the 1 million already in our home.  Obviously Will LOVES it!

Isabel thinks it is pretty fun too!

my 3 year old and way-too-close-to-5 year old cuties!

Isabel was so excited about getting Will a present this year.  She has a piggy bank (that she thinks has millions of dollars in apparently) but Will doesn't.  She decided a while ago that she wanted to use some of the money in her piggy bank to buy him one. 

Will loved it and immediately needed change out of daddy's pocket to put in his piggy bank

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Party like a 3 year old!!

Since Will's birthday was on a Sunday this year, he basically enjoyed an entire birthday weekend!  Even though he had been sick earlier this week and still not feeling 100% he definitely enjoyed his weekend celebration!   He really got into his birthday this year more than ever before which made it more fun for all of us. 

Saturday morning started with his birthday party.  We had it at a play area at a local church that is one of his favorite places.  So many of his friends came and they had so much fun climbing, sliding, and being silly.

Birthday boy!

I can't believe my little man is already 3

Will loves his friend, Adam. Adam has twin sisters that are 2 weeks older than Isabel so we love playing with this family.  Will and Adam are both ALL BOY and are trouble when they are together.  

 We are so thankful for all of Will's sweet friends

Will requested cupcakes with footballs on them!

blowing out the candle

Isabel and her friends enjoying cupcakes

silly boy

This is Will with his friend, Addie.  She is in his class at school.  Will loves Addie so much and the feeling is definitely mutual.  Most days Will's school papers say that he enjoyed "playing with Addie" or spent the day asking about her if she isn't there.  Will has even eaten broccoli multiple times just because "Addie eats broccoli."

 Isabel and Papa

I'm glad 3 year olds can still love on their mommy!

Isabel LOVES face painting...

and Will loved his balloon sword!

Isabel and Nana
(somehow I didn't take a single picture of Will with Grams but she was there to celebrate too!!)

We all had a great time at his party.  Afterwards we played at the park and then had lunch at cracker barrel so he could have his favorite....lima beans!! ha ha! 

I'm so thankful for family that drives to celebrate with us, sweet friends to play with, and my precious birthday boy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving program

Last night we went to Isabel's school Thanksgiving Program. She has been singing the songs for weeks but kept insisting that she keep the hand motions a secret until the big day.  She was so excited to finally get to wear her "turkey crown" and show us the program after so much practicing.  This was the first time Isabel had ever been on stage singing in front of an audience.  I think she was a little overwhelmed but did a great job!

smiles and waves when they first came out

Isabel was VERY serious while she was singing.  When she sang the songs at home she would smile, dance and be silly but not during the performance!!  I think my little perfectionist was just watching her teacher closely to make sure she got every word and motion correct!

The kids sang multiple songs and then in groups of 3 said something they were thankful for.  It was such a sweet program.  After they were done, they saw pictures of themselves on the big screens.  They LOVED seeing themselves!

Isabel loves her friend Samuel!!

We are so thankful for Isabel's teacher, Mrs. Kara.  Isabel loves her and I have no doubt that Mrs. Kara will have Isabel totally ready for kindergarten next year!

We all had cupcakes afterwards to celebrate the great job the kids did

William did great during the program.  He watched closely and took pictures with his little camera.  His teacher, Mrs. Melissa, was there and Will was so happy to see her!  We were definitely blessed with great teachers this year.

Will make a turkey hat at school that he was very proud of and wanted his picture taken in it!