Saturday, October 29, 2011

pumpkin pickin'

We finally bought our pumpkins today! Yes, we have already been to a pumpkin patch but we didn't actually buy a pumpkin there because we like to buy it from a local church by our house that sells pumpkins as a fund raiser.  It took us a while to find a good time (and a day with good weather) to go but today was perfect!

Annual picture with the scarecrow (even though we always cut his head off)
look here if you want to compare to last year's pictures

How does she look so much older than she did a year ago?  I can't even think about the fact that she will be a kindergartener this time next year

 Grams was here to help us pick a pumpkin!

 Will ran around looking at the pumpkins for about 5 minutes and then found a stick which was way more fun.  This poor tree got attacked for a while.  Have I mentioned lately how different boys are from girls?? :)

I'm pretty sure we buy the big pumpkins only for Josh's benefit.  Isabel and Will were way more excited about these!

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