Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin carving

I have to admit that carving the pumpkin is just not my favorite (and if you ask my mom she can tell you plenty of stories from my childhood that proves it has never been my favorite) and it is also not really the best activity for a 4 and 2 (almost THREE) year old.  Call us overprotective but we don't really allow them to play with knives!  Luckily Josh loves carving pumpkins and is great at it.  The kids had fun picking out what they wanted on their pumpkins, stuck their hands in the pumpkin for about 2 seconds and then went to swing while daddy slaved away!

that face pretty much sums up Isabel's feelings towards the pumpkin goo

I'm actually amazed they were willing to stick their hands in the pumpkin

This is the picture you get when you say "Josh, make them smile so I can take a picture!"

I think Josh did a great job on the pumpkins!!
(can you guess which kid picked the spider and which picked the cat??)

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