Friday, October 21, 2011


My almost-3-year-old has a hard time deciding if he wants to be a big boy or a baby.  There are definitely times when he wants to be big and do what his big sister does or do something all by himself.  However, there are other times when he wants to be carried, fed and basically babied.  I have to admit that I am probably partially to blame.  I feel like Isabel had to grow up pretty fast because she became the BIG sister before she was even 2 so I like being able to keep Will "my baby" as long as I can!

For example....Isabel moved into a big girl bed when she was about 20 months.  We were moving anyway and Will needed the crib so it just made sense.  It wasn't terrible but her sleep patterns definitely got worse.  For that reason, I have not been in any hurry to move Will out of his crib.  He loves it, goes to sleep easily and sleeps great all night.  He has never tried to climb out and there is no baby that needs it.  However, I realized that he couldn't stay in it forever so for the past month or so we have been talking to Will about getting a new big boy bed (where no pacis are allowed) when he turns 3.  He has been very excited.  In fact, last weekend he decided that he was ready right then and Josh and I just went with it.  Josh took one side off of his crib and made it a toddler bed.  The first night he went to sleep pretty easily but did have some problems staying in the bed.  Josh was watching him on the monitor at one point and watched him roll off but he never woke up.  He just curled up and went back to sleep...

Since then he has gone back and forth.  Some nights he likes it and some nights he says he is scared and wants his baby bed back.  Our plan is to get him a real bed soon with some type of sports themed sheets/comforter and I think that will make it all better...or maybe worse.  Who knows?  For now he is enjoying being able to just get up and come to our room when he wakes up (and the clock has a 7 on it!)  Plus both he and Isabel love "resting" in his bed together.

And yes, that is a paci in his mouth.  Yes, I know we need to get rid of it!  I keep saying that 3 year olds don't sleep with a paci.  It was really easy to take Isabel's away when she turned 3.  I'm pretty sure it is going to be impossible to take Will's away.  He is so attached to it.  He doesn't just use it to fall asleep.  He literally sleeps with it in his mouth all night long and holds another one in his hand!  Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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Shaz said...

love this! jack asked me today when kellen would be able to sleep in his room on the bottom bunk. and don't you dare take the paci. if he likes it, let him keep it. i made that mistake with jack and when i took the paci he stopped napping and his sleeping turned to shit. that was 3 years ago.