Saturday, September 17, 2011

There are animals at the zoo?

We have been to the zoo about a million times in the past few months but I never remember to bring my camera...until today!  We love the zoo but sometimes I think my kids forget that there are actual animals to go see.  Our zoo has a huge play area that they love.  They do love seeing some animals too but I'm pretty sure they would be fine hanging out in the play area the majority of the time.  crazy kids!
We have really gotten our money out of this stroller!

We love these guys.  I think they are gibbons.  There are 3 of them that are constantly swinging from the trees and putting on a show.  They are also the loudest animals ever! You can hear them from every part of the zoo, including the parking lot!

Just recently Will has decided that he is too big to just sit in the front of the stroller.  He wants to stand too like his big sister.  This does not always go over so well.  

Silly girl!  The elephants were apparently too busy to come close and play today!

Will used to have this crazy fear of giraffes.  We all love them now though, especially since there is a baby giraffe to watch.

 What is there not to love about the play area?  You can do cartwheels.....

jump over and over..

and do some crazy flying forward rolls!

There are also tunnels to crawl through..

and fun slides!

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