Thursday, September 1, 2011

More funnies...

before I forget...............

**After a long in-depth question and answer session with Isabel about people coloring their hair:
Isabel: I don't think I will ever paint my hair.  My hair is pretty how it is......AND it matches every one of my shirts!!

**Tonight Will wanted to pray about some boo-boos on his knee (that only he could see).  He prayed they would go away and then immediately pulled up his pants leg to check his knee.  I had to explain that it may take a little longer than that for God to answer his prayer.

**Isabel's night-time prayers have gotten longer and longer recently as she prays for everyone she has ever known....twice!  Here was part of here prayer the other night:
"and be with mommy and daddy and Will and Isabel.....well, that's me......but you knew that.....just like Santa" 

**Will's new favorite "insult"
"You're a possum!!"
no, I have no idea why...he is just weird :)

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Alexander said...

You are such a beautiful family! Congratulation!