Friday, September 16, 2011

Josh's surprise

Josh celebrated his 31st birthday last Tuesday.  We celebrated as a family that day, but his big surprise came the next day at church.  The amazing students and their parents that we work with love Josh so much.  One of the students decided a while back that he wanted to get Josh a new TV for his birthday (calling ours "a huge old dinosaur of a TV" ha ha!).  Many of the students and their families gave so generously and actually bought him the TV.  I was told about it a week before and was in complete shock.  Not telling Josh for that week was so hard, but I wanted the students to really get to enjoy his reaction.
So Wednesday afternoon one dad and his sons in the youth group came to our house to set up the TV.  Then at church they brought out the box for Josh to unwrap.  They assumed that Josh would think something else was in the box and he did....until they showed him a picture of the TV all set up in our house.  Obviously he was shocked but also so excited. 

I wish I had gotten better pictures but I decided he would know something was up if I brought my real camera to church.  This is the best I got....

Josh opening the box

so shocked!!

showing him the picture of the TV already set up in our house

his cake that they put 31 candles on...trick candles :)

As if all of this wasn't enough, one of the moms made Josh his favorite dessert..a strawberry pie!

We are both blown away by the love and generosity of the students and families that God allows us to work with.  They are amazing people!!

I didn't tell Isabel and Will anything about the TV since they are not so great at keeping secrets until I picked them up from their class at church.  Their responses were hilarious:

me:  guess what...the youth group got daddy a new TV!!
Isabel:  does it have new TV shows on it?
Will: Is it at a new house??
Isabel: Will it look different from our old TV?  Does it have polka dots on it??

The best was when we actually got home and they saw it.  I had explained that it was a bigger TV so Isabel immediately went to examine it when she got home.  I watched her look at it and then look behind it.  Then she said, "It doesn't look bigger to me!"  I guess she is right if you only compare the flat screen to the huge box TV we had before. :)

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