Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Summer....

Hello Fall!! Ok so maybe it doesn't officially start for another week or so but close enough!!  I am not a huge fan of winter (admit can get pretty depressing after a while) but I LOVE FALL!  What is there not to love?  Cooler weather.  Football!  Playing outside without fear of heat stroke or hypothermia. Leaves changing color?  Football!

Since the weather is amazing, we have spent a lot of time outside recently. Isabel enjoys it but Will absolutely loves every second that he is outside. I took some pictures when we were out playing the other day...

First Will rode his scooter...

while Isabel blew some bubbles.

Then it was time for a lot of baseball!  Will is willing to hit the ball off of the tee about 3 times and then wants me to throw it to him the rest of the time.  He misses some but I'm always amazed at how many he hits and how far the ball goes.

Isabel usually wants to hit the ball about 2 times and then she is done.  Why play baseball when there are bubbles to blow, pictures to draw with chalk and dances to do? :)

After he gets tired of baseball, Will is ready for football.  This usually involves a lot of rolling in the grass.  He does not seem to care that his pants are getting very dirty!

Isabel loves to blow bubbles while Will runs around like a crazy person trying to pop them all.  It is pretty funny to watch!

Yep, I love Fall!!

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