Friday, September 16, 2011

Annual Girls Weekend

Once you do things twice you can start saying "annual" right?? 

Like last year, last weekend I spent 3 days at the beach with 2 of my best friends from college.  It was perfect! (well, except that one of us couldn't make it this year. We missed you Ashley!) What could be bad about 3 days away from responsibilities, enjoying perfect weather at the beach, eating seafood and shopping at outlet malls all with 2 of the people that know me best in the world??  It was so much fun!  We literally talked all weekend.  We never turned on a radio or a TV (ok I may have turned it on for just a second to check the score of the AL game..ROLL TIDE!) or opened a book.  It is so nice to have uninterrupted conversation with 2 people that know me so well, share my desire to make God a top priority in my life and family, and who are in the same life stage as I am in.  I am so thankful for amazing friendships that have lasted well over 10 years and for the time to spend with them. 

I am also very thankful that all 3 of us are blessed with amazing husbands who have no problem playing super-daddy all weekend so we can have this time away.

And just because I never put any pictures on the blog last year, here is a picture of all 4 of us last year:

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Sara said...

Sweet post! I had such a good time. Ashley, we missed you! It was lovely!