Thursday, August 11, 2011

School's In!!

Isabel and Will started back to school today.  I have to say that this year was so much easier than last year.  There were no tears this time!  Both kids have great teachers and I know they are both going to have a great year.

My little man walked right into his room and started doing puzzles without even a second glance to us still standing in the doorway.  Look how big he looks compared to last year

Can you tell he got a haircut recently?  He did so much better this time.  I was so proud!

Isabel is so excited about school this year....and her new princess lunchbox.  She told me that her favorite part was meeting and playing with new friends.

I have to admit that I have to hold back tears every time I think about the fact that next year she will be starting kindergarten.  How is she so old?  I think she looks SO MUCH older than last year!!

 I love these two so much!  I am one proud mommy!!


kaw said...

They both look older, but Isabel does look WAY older! Precious!

Angie Noel said...

Oh my goodness, I had to double check the date on last year's post for Isabel. SO much change in one year!! She's a little lady now!! They're both precious.

The Gaymons said...

I can't believe how much difference one year makes!! They look so cute and ready to learn!! I am so ready for my girls to be back in "school". Just a few more weeks....