Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Isabel 4.5

My baby girl is growing up!  She is now four and a half which is just way too close to 5.  The fact that she will start kindergarten next year is both impossible to believe and very difficult to even think about.  There are times when I look at her and think that she acts much older than her age and then other times when she can still throw a tantrum like a 2 year old if she needs to! ha ha!

There are some pretty great things about the age 4.  Isabel can easily play by herself for so long now.  I love watching her sit in the floor with her barbies/princesses/doll house people/etc and play.  She has such a great imagination!  She will either spend forever setting them up in some type of scene (like at school) or she will just make them talk or dance or play together.  She also loves computer games right now.  There are a few websites with games and activities for preschoolers that she loves.  She has no fear figuring out the computer and how to get to wherever she needs to be. 

Isabel loves learning.  She knows all her letters and sounds and can write most of them.  She loves any kind of workbook that lets her practice writing, rhyming, beginning sounds, etc.   The only problem is that she is totally a perfectionist!  She does not want to do anything unless she can do it perfectly.  If she has trouble writing a letter or word, she quickly becomes frustrated and upset.  She is not willing to participate in any kind of race unless she knows she can win.  It is hard (for both of us!) but there are some positive aspects of her perfectionism too.  Once she sets her mind to something, she WILL do it!  For example, one of her friends in her dance/gymnastics class moved up to the next class.  I explained to Isabel that she will also move up when she turns 5 and can do a cartwheel.  Well, she ignored the whole age thing and decided that she would learn to do a cartwheel.  For weeks, she practiced non-stop and I have to admit, she has a pretty good cartwheel now (although she does it left handed which is so weird to me since she is right handed).

Isabel really is a well-behaved child.  She is a rule follower and getting in trouble is really upsetting to her.  In her class last year, the kids received a "red dot" if they got in trouble.  After hearing a story about another child getting one I asked Isabel if she got one.  She looked at me completely horrified that I would even ask such a thing.  She explained that she would NEVER do something to get in trouble. :)  The main behavior issue we have with Isabel at this age is her attitude.  We explain regularly that a disrespectful tone of voice or look on her face is just as bad as actually doing something wrong.  I have to admit, it makes me worry about her teenage years!!

A few other Isabel tidbits:
*She is such a drama queen!  The smallest cut on her finger will cause her to cry like her arm came off for 30 minutes!
*She loves to sing and now makes up most of the songs she sings.  Most are about or to God and just precious.  However, the songs usually don't have much rhythm and are sung very high pitch so I may have a little trouble listening after a while. 
*She asks questions constantly! The questions can be pretty tough to answer sometimes too.  Recently she has been asking tons of theology questions (which I refer to her seminary educated daddy), how things are built, where money comes from, etc.
*She is about 43 in tall and 38 lbs.  If she ever weighs less than 38lbs, she will get off of the scale, pick up a bottle off of the counter and then weigh herself again with the bottle so it will be 38.
*She is such a girly-girl! If she had her way, she would wear only dresses that twirl every day of her life.  The big decision each morning is how she wants to do her hair.

She is smart, sensitive, nurturing, creative, funny, sassy, bossy and so much fun.  We love our little girl so much!

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