Sunday, August 28, 2011


*Isabel:  Can I wear some lip floss to church?

*Will: but mommy I don't want to do it ALLways, just SOMEways!

*We parked next to a convertible..
Isabel:  Can you make our van do that?

*Will found a small plastic egg the other day..
Will:  look mommy, I found a hunting egg.  I been looking for this for a LOOOONG time!

*Isabel was telling us the memory verse she learned in Sunday school
Josh: good job! Do you know what the verse is?  Where was it found?
Isabel:  uhhh...the bible

*Will calls pancakes "pannycakes."  I think it is hilarious.  Josh keeps trying to correct him but I actually want him to keep saying it for a while! :)

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kaw said...

Giggle. My favorites were the convertible one and the pannycakes!