Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Vacation 2011-Part 2

Like I said, this was a little more of a "pool vacation" than "beach vacation" so it was a good thing that the pool was so great. There were actually 2 huge pools but we spent all of our time at the zero-entry pool. There were no stairs into the pool. Just a very gradual slope into the pool that only got to 5 ft at the deepest part. The majority of it was pretty shallow so it was great for the kids. We loved it too! :)

Little man (wearing Nana's hat) was always ready to go to the pool

Like we knew she would, Isabel loved everything about the pool immediately. She loved that she could touch in most of it and loved floating around in her float, swimming, jumping off the side, and twirling.

The only thing she was hesitant about was the mushroom. Both kids finally decided it was ok to do only if they buried their heads in daddy's shoulder and he ran them in it.

Will actually asked Josh to take him in the mushroom pretty often.

Swimming is hard work!

I was SO PROUD of my little man who has been a little scared of the water all summer. We let the kids swim the first night we got there and Will just walked into that pool without hesitating. He loved it! He let us carry him in the deep end and wanted to be twirled and thrown up in the air. He still played a lot on the edge with his boats and balls but was happy to get in too.

On the last night Will wanted a float like Isabel's. He just floated all over the pool even though he couldn't touch. He was so proud of himself. I think his main motivation was trying to keep up with his big sister and her new friends in the pool.

He was even jumping off of the side....over and over and over and over

I think the highlight for Isabel was meeting a new friend. She loved playing with this little girl and they were so cute together. I love how easily Isabel makes friends. She is definitely a social little girl! :)

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