Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Vacation 2011-Part 1

We just spent the last few days at the beach and had an amazing time!! In fact I took about 120 pictures and am having a hard time figuring out which ones to post so I may have to make this into a multiple-part-post about our vacation. The kids were at a really fun age this year and were so excited about everything. It was so fun to just enjoy their excitement. I called this a beach vacation but to be honest, we probably only spent about 5% of our time at the actual beach. The kids (especially Isabel) were not so sure about the ocean and it was WAY too hot to stay outside playing in the sand too long without getting wet. Most mornings we would head to the beach around 9:30am and play for a while and then spend a couple of hours at pool. I have to admit, I was fine with that. Sand is not my favorite and the ocean had a lot of seaweed this time!
Will was fine with getting his feet in the water but that was about it (maybe because his older sister was freaking out about getting near the water behind him!)

Looking for shells is always fun....

...but Will immediately threw all of his in the ocean instead of saving them to decorate castles with like his sister. BOYS!

Izzy was happy at the beach..... as long as she was no where near the water

the girl loved building some sand castles though!

I loved getting to spend all day every day with Josh! It will be hard for us all when he has to go back to work!

My mom bought the kids these nets and Will really wanted to try to catch some fish! Isabel was so nice to let her daddy borrow hers since catching "fish" meant she would need to get near the ocean

He didn't mind at all that he just caught a bunch of seaweed!

They both thought it was hilarious to bury their feet in the sand.

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kaw said...

so glad that ya'll had fun! i miss you. are you aware that you look like barbi because of the way your arm is placed. and of course josh looks like ken too...