Sunday, August 28, 2011

all boy!

I had no idea how different it would be to raise a boy after getting used to girl stuff for 2 years.  Plus Will is ALL BOY!  Yes, he loves his mama but he also loves running, tackling, wrestling, and throwing anything and everything that even slightly resembles a round shape.  As a mom, it is hard for me to know when to discipline and when to let him be a boy.  Obviously he is not allowed to hit people but is running around the house like a crazy person ok??

We took Isabel and Will to a highschool football game here last week.  Will sat and watched the game carefully.  He asked about a million questions about what they were doing, what the 1st down marker was, what the goal post was, who certain people were, etc.  He was so into it.  Isabel, on the other hand, also watched intently.  However I'm not sure she knew there was a football game going on because she was only watching the cheerleaders! :)  Gotta love having a boy and a girl!!

I can't even guess the number of times a day that either Josh or I see Will like this begging for us to pitch to him.  While we were at the beach and he didn't have his handy paper towel roll bat so he settled for using my toothbrush holder as a bat!!

In case you were wondering, he wants to be a "baseball man" AND a "football man" for Halloween!!

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