Sunday, August 28, 2011

all boy!

I had no idea how different it would be to raise a boy after getting used to girl stuff for 2 years.  Plus Will is ALL BOY!  Yes, he loves his mama but he also loves running, tackling, wrestling, and throwing anything and everything that even slightly resembles a round shape.  As a mom, it is hard for me to know when to discipline and when to let him be a boy.  Obviously he is not allowed to hit people but is running around the house like a crazy person ok??

We took Isabel and Will to a highschool football game here last week.  Will sat and watched the game carefully.  He asked about a million questions about what they were doing, what the 1st down marker was, what the goal post was, who certain people were, etc.  He was so into it.  Isabel, on the other hand, also watched intently.  However I'm not sure she knew there was a football game going on because she was only watching the cheerleaders! :)  Gotta love having a boy and a girl!!

I can't even guess the number of times a day that either Josh or I see Will like this begging for us to pitch to him.  While we were at the beach and he didn't have his handy paper towel roll bat so he settled for using my toothbrush holder as a bat!!

In case you were wondering, he wants to be a "baseball man" AND a "football man" for Halloween!!

Happy Birthday to me..

I have a confession to make.  I don't really care that much about my birthday, gifts, etc.  I just don't really want the attention and see no need in people spending a lot of money on gifts for me.  I am appreciative of them of course but I don't feel more loved just because I got a gift.  In case you can't tell, my love language is definitely NOT gifts.  In fact, that is probably the last one if I had to rank them.  Luckily, Josh feels the same way.  People are often horrified that we do not spend a ton of money and time buying each other that "perfect" gift for our birthdays or even Christmas but it works for us.  We would rather save the money to spend later on something for the house or a vacation or bills (ha ha!). 2 and 4 year old children do not understand this AT ALL!  Birthdays are HUGE when you are 2 and 4.  You get a party with a fun theme and presents are essential regardless of how many times they are told "it is better to give than receive." :)  So when Isabel and Will learned that my birthday was coming up, they got so excited.  Isabel told me that I should have a princess/queen themed birthday party and that daddy should give me "jewels" for my present.  Will said we should have a baseball game at my party.  I tried to explain that mommys don't always celebrate the way kids do but they were not having it. 

On my birthday, Josh got up early with the kids and let me "sleep in" until 7:30am before we had to get them ready for school.  When I came downstairs, the kids jumped out from behind the couch and yelled "SURPRISE!!"  They gave me cards and little goodies and showed me my cake.  Isabel could not believe I didn't think we should all have a piece right them.  Although this was fun for them, Isabel was still disappointed in my birthday outfit.  I wore jeans instead of something that "twirls" and a birthday crown! :)


*Isabel:  Can I wear some lip floss to church?

*Will: but mommy I don't want to do it ALLways, just SOMEways!

*We parked next to a convertible..
Isabel:  Can you make our van do that?

*Will found a small plastic egg the other day..
Will:  look mommy, I found a hunting egg.  I been looking for this for a LOOOONG time!

*Isabel was telling us the memory verse she learned in Sunday school
Josh: good job! Do you know what the verse is?  Where was it found?
Isabel:  uhhh...the bible

*Will calls pancakes "pannycakes."  I think it is hilarious.  Josh keeps trying to correct him but I actually want him to keep saying it for a while! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

science is fun!

Since it is still really HOT here we decided to spend a day at the Adventure Science Center, a children's museum in Nashville. We all had a lot of fun and I think the kids even learned a few things.
There were a lot of space exhibits that we all really liked.

I think this may have been a favorite for Isabel. What kid doesn't like seeing themselves on TV, especially when you can change the background and be anywhere you want to be?

This was definitely a favorite for Will. He got to be the pitcher and quarterback and throw the ball as many times as he wanted. There is nothing better for my little man!

There was a huge "adventure tower" in the middle with a million things to play with, climb on, slide down or crawl through. The kids loved it!!
It was such a fun day. We will definitely be back!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

School's In!!

Isabel and Will started back to school today.  I have to say that this year was so much easier than last year.  There were no tears this time!  Both kids have great teachers and I know they are both going to have a great year.

My little man walked right into his room and started doing puzzles without even a second glance to us still standing in the doorway.  Look how big he looks compared to last year

Can you tell he got a haircut recently?  He did so much better this time.  I was so proud!

Isabel is so excited about school this year....and her new princess lunchbox.  She told me that her favorite part was meeting and playing with new friends.

I have to admit that I have to hold back tears every time I think about the fact that next year she will be starting kindergarten.  How is she so old?  I think she looks SO MUCH older than last year!!

 I love these two so much!  I am one proud mommy!!

Bieber Fever

Isabel had an end of the summer mini-performance for her dance class this week. They danced to a Justin Bieber song. Isabel has no idea who he is so she talked all the time about her "beaver dance." It was so funny. One day her dance teacher asked the girls if they had Bieber fever. Isabel just looked at her like she was crazy and said no!

Isabel did really well with her dance. I was so proud of how hard she worked and what a great job she did. She had so much fun too!!
We love our little dancer! :)
We took a video of her dance so hopefully Josh can add it to the blog when he gets home. I know it is sad but I have no idea how.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Isabel 4.5

My baby girl is growing up!  She is now four and a half which is just way too close to 5.  The fact that she will start kindergarten next year is both impossible to believe and very difficult to even think about.  There are times when I look at her and think that she acts much older than her age and then other times when she can still throw a tantrum like a 2 year old if she needs to! ha ha!

There are some pretty great things about the age 4.  Isabel can easily play by herself for so long now.  I love watching her sit in the floor with her barbies/princesses/doll house people/etc and play.  She has such a great imagination!  She will either spend forever setting them up in some type of scene (like at school) or she will just make them talk or dance or play together.  She also loves computer games right now.  There are a few websites with games and activities for preschoolers that she loves.  She has no fear figuring out the computer and how to get to wherever she needs to be. 

Isabel loves learning.  She knows all her letters and sounds and can write most of them.  She loves any kind of workbook that lets her practice writing, rhyming, beginning sounds, etc.   The only problem is that she is totally a perfectionist!  She does not want to do anything unless she can do it perfectly.  If she has trouble writing a letter or word, she quickly becomes frustrated and upset.  She is not willing to participate in any kind of race unless she knows she can win.  It is hard (for both of us!) but there are some positive aspects of her perfectionism too.  Once she sets her mind to something, she WILL do it!  For example, one of her friends in her dance/gymnastics class moved up to the next class.  I explained to Isabel that she will also move up when she turns 5 and can do a cartwheel.  Well, she ignored the whole age thing and decided that she would learn to do a cartwheel.  For weeks, she practiced non-stop and I have to admit, she has a pretty good cartwheel now (although she does it left handed which is so weird to me since she is right handed).

Isabel really is a well-behaved child.  She is a rule follower and getting in trouble is really upsetting to her.  In her class last year, the kids received a "red dot" if they got in trouble.  After hearing a story about another child getting one I asked Isabel if she got one.  She looked at me completely horrified that I would even ask such a thing.  She explained that she would NEVER do something to get in trouble. :)  The main behavior issue we have with Isabel at this age is her attitude.  We explain regularly that a disrespectful tone of voice or look on her face is just as bad as actually doing something wrong.  I have to admit, it makes me worry about her teenage years!!

A few other Isabel tidbits:
*She is such a drama queen!  The smallest cut on her finger will cause her to cry like her arm came off for 30 minutes!
*She loves to sing and now makes up most of the songs she sings.  Most are about or to God and just precious.  However, the songs usually don't have much rhythm and are sung very high pitch so I may have a little trouble listening after a while. 
*She asks questions constantly! The questions can be pretty tough to answer sometimes too.  Recently she has been asking tons of theology questions (which I refer to her seminary educated daddy), how things are built, where money comes from, etc.
*She is about 43 in tall and 38 lbs.  If she ever weighs less than 38lbs, she will get off of the scale, pick up a bottle off of the counter and then weigh herself again with the bottle so it will be 38.
*She is such a girly-girl! If she had her way, she would wear only dresses that twirl every day of her life.  The big decision each morning is how she wants to do her hair.

She is smart, sensitive, nurturing, creative, funny, sassy, bossy and so much fun.  We love our little girl so much!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Vacation 2011-Part 3

My favorite part of any vacation is simply time with people I love away from work, school, a house that needs to be cleaned, laundry that needs to be washed, etc. On our way to Destin, we spent a night in Birmingham and got to spend time with Matt, Lauren, Avery and Ansley. As always we enjoyed being with them and watching the kids be silly together. Then Grams and Nana came with us to the beach and my Uncle Brad even came for a few days. I loved it! Of course I had to take some obligatory family shots while we were there.
Isabel and Will's calm and sweet picture pose

They turn silly about a second after the camera flashes. I have to admit, I kind of like the crazy pictures of them better. It is the "real" them after all!

We tried many times to get a good family picture. At least we are all looking the same direction...kind of

Isabel and Nana (can you tell it was about to storm?)

Isabel and Grams

Will and Nana

Will and Grams

Josh and I even got to go on a date one night. It was so great! We ate dinner, walked around the outlet malls and had some yogurt!

Another picture after we wiped off the lens which gets pretty foggy when you first walk outside

There was lots of time for snuggling with daddy
Isabel and Will loved playing with Uncle Brad

Isabel and Will with their Grams

Things I want to remember and/or meant to take a picture of but forgot:

* Ever since our first beach trip with a baby (when Isabel was 4 months old) we have let the baby sleep in a pack-n-play in the master bathroom.  That way they get their own "room" and won't wake up in the middle of the night to see mommy and daddy and want to play!  It has always worked really well.  Will was actually excited about his bed in the bathroom.  It was a little sad though once Josh and I realized that this is our last trip with a kid in the PNP.  Will is basically too long for it and will be ready for a big boy bed.  I'm not sure mommy is ready for that though!

*Once Will came along, Isabel graduated to a real bed.  This year was a first though.  She slept in a bunk the TOP of a bunk bed.  She was beyond excited and told everyone she met about it.  I think it may have been a highlight for her.

*The condo we stayed in had all kind of board games that the kids loved.  Will became obsessed with tiddly winks.  At first he just played with the little pieces but once he figured out how to play he got really good at it.  I'm thinking we need to get him this game for his birthday! 

Beach Vacation 2011-Part 2

Like I said, this was a little more of a "pool vacation" than "beach vacation" so it was a good thing that the pool was so great. There were actually 2 huge pools but we spent all of our time at the zero-entry pool. There were no stairs into the pool. Just a very gradual slope into the pool that only got to 5 ft at the deepest part. The majority of it was pretty shallow so it was great for the kids. We loved it too! :)

Little man (wearing Nana's hat) was always ready to go to the pool

Like we knew she would, Isabel loved everything about the pool immediately. She loved that she could touch in most of it and loved floating around in her float, swimming, jumping off the side, and twirling.

The only thing she was hesitant about was the mushroom. Both kids finally decided it was ok to do only if they buried their heads in daddy's shoulder and he ran them in it.

Will actually asked Josh to take him in the mushroom pretty often.

Swimming is hard work!

I was SO PROUD of my little man who has been a little scared of the water all summer. We let the kids swim the first night we got there and Will just walked into that pool without hesitating. He loved it! He let us carry him in the deep end and wanted to be twirled and thrown up in the air. He still played a lot on the edge with his boats and balls but was happy to get in too.

On the last night Will wanted a float like Isabel's. He just floated all over the pool even though he couldn't touch. He was so proud of himself. I think his main motivation was trying to keep up with his big sister and her new friends in the pool.

He was even jumping off of the side....over and over and over and over

I think the highlight for Isabel was meeting a new friend. She loved playing with this little girl and they were so cute together. I love how easily Isabel makes friends. She is definitely a social little girl! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Vacation 2011-Part 1

We just spent the last few days at the beach and had an amazing time!! In fact I took about 120 pictures and am having a hard time figuring out which ones to post so I may have to make this into a multiple-part-post about our vacation. The kids were at a really fun age this year and were so excited about everything. It was so fun to just enjoy their excitement. I called this a beach vacation but to be honest, we probably only spent about 5% of our time at the actual beach. The kids (especially Isabel) were not so sure about the ocean and it was WAY too hot to stay outside playing in the sand too long without getting wet. Most mornings we would head to the beach around 9:30am and play for a while and then spend a couple of hours at pool. I have to admit, I was fine with that. Sand is not my favorite and the ocean had a lot of seaweed this time!
Will was fine with getting his feet in the water but that was about it (maybe because his older sister was freaking out about getting near the water behind him!)

Looking for shells is always fun....

...but Will immediately threw all of his in the ocean instead of saving them to decorate castles with like his sister. BOYS!

Izzy was happy at the beach..... as long as she was no where near the water

the girl loved building some sand castles though!

I loved getting to spend all day every day with Josh! It will be hard for us all when he has to go back to work!

My mom bought the kids these nets and Will really wanted to try to catch some fish! Isabel was so nice to let her daddy borrow hers since catching "fish" meant she would need to get near the ocean

He didn't mind at all that he just caught a bunch of seaweed!

They both thought it was hilarious to bury their feet in the sand.