Sunday, July 17, 2011

One fish Two fish....

We decided to join our neighborhood pool this summer and have had a lot of fun swimming but I never remember to bring my camera....until this time! My kids have switched opinions about the water this year. After taking swimming lessons at the end of May, Isabel finally LOVES the water. Will, however, is not so sure about it and would rather stay on the stairs (like his big sister last year).

Isabel goes back and forth between the baby pool and big pool this year. She loves them both!

For some reason Will is more afraid of the baby pool than the big pool. He refuses to do more than sit on the side with his feet in the water. Silly boy!

I have plenty of pictures of Will jumping in the pool last year but Isabel wouldn't even think about it. Now it is her favorite thing and Will won't even discuss it!

Seriously, the girl would stay at the pool all day every day if we let her!

This is as far as my little man will go

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