Wednesday, July 27, 2011


*At the zoo the other day we were watching the elephants put their trunks in the water and then have a drink or spray themselves with the water to cool off.  It was fun to watch.Will: If we was elephants or had big noses we could put our noses in the water too
Isabel:  yeah, like if we were like that onochio guy whose nose got longer when he told jokes.

*I changed the sheets on Will's bed and put on his favorite sheets with monkeys on them
Will:  I like my monkeys mommy................when I sleep they gunna eat my face!
(yeah, he is weird.  no idea where that came from)

*Isabel: Will threw a toy and it hit me in the eyebrown!! (while pointing to her eyebrow)

*Will is all about doing things himself these days.  The other day I picked out some clothes for him and he completely dressed himself.  A few hours later we went out to lunch and Will had to go to the bathroom.  Josh took him and came back to the table laughing.  Apparently Will didn't have on any underwear!!  He already had underwear on so I didn't lay any out with his clothes but I guess he took off the ones he had on.  It didn't bother him AT ALL that he didn't have any on.

*Because of the high temps and lack of rain, there is a problem with the water in our city.  It is safe but tastes and smells bad.  We went to chick-fil-a one night and I realized that my diet coke tasted bad b/c of the ice in it.
Isabel:  I bet I know why your ice tastes bad.  I think there may be some water in there!!

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Angie Noel said...

He actually took his underwear OFF to get dressed!!! Hilarious.