Monday, July 4, 2011

America Day 2011

We had a great America Day! Isabel continued to call July 4th "America Day" regardless of how many times we told her the correct term so we decided to just go with it. To be honest, we celebrated on July 3rd anyway because that is when our town had all of the July 4th festivities. Before we left for the "Freedom Festival" in the park, we had to do a little photo shoot to show our "America clothes"
When I first started to take this picture of Isabel and Grams, Isabel quickly turned her head to show her red, white and blue pony tail holder. I explained that I would rather see her face even though her hair accessories were also so important! Gotta love girls!

We were all so glad Nana and Grams could spend the holiday weekend with us

Will and daddy at the park

After walking around and looking at some booths (and trying not to melt in the intense heat) we headed to the kids area and did some bounce house bouncing

Will was very excited about playing some baseball
They had their 3D glasses ready for the fireworks about 4 hours early

While we waited for the fireworks, we grilled hamburgers, ate some of my favorite yogurt and then found the perfect spot to watch the show.

Ready for the show to start!!

Will needed a quick rest. Did I mention that the show did not even start until an hour after bedtime?

Josh and I were ready too (did I mention it was HOT that day?!)

The fireworks were beautiful but I have to admit that I missed the first few minutes because I could not stop watching my kids' faces. I loved the looks of awe and pure joy! For Isabel this excitement lasted the entire show. For Will, about 10 minutes!!

Happy America Day!!

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Angie said...

That first picture of you and Is is precious!! Of course, they're all good, though. :)