Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pictureless update

I have not been great about taking pictures recently. Maybe it is too hot to carry it around or maybe my brain just doesn't work as well when it is this hot.  Who knows?  I'll try to be better but for right now I'll just write about some happenings that I want to remember and you can use your imagination to picture what it looked like.

*SWIMMING LESSONS: Isabel has been taking swimming lessons for the past week and she is doing great!  She was really afraid of the water last year and at the beginning of day 1 she wouldn't leave the stairs.  However her teacher is amazing and had her out by the end of that first day.  Now she is able to blow bubbles and hold her breath and go underwater.  She is learning to tread water and float on her back and kick her legs while blowing bubbles.  I can't tell you how proud of her I am.  I know there are times when she is really scared but she is doing it anyway.  My scared little girl is turning into a fish!  We joined our neighborhood pool this year and Isabel is all about using a floaty and going all over the pool.  Will, however, has decided to be scared of the water this year.  Mainly he doesn't want to get his bathing suit wet.  I really hope he gets over this quickly!!

* HAIR CUT: We took Will for another hair cut yesterday.  I wish I had taken a before and after picture.  The before picture would involve a ridiculous amount of hair over his hears and in his eyes plus the beginnings of a rat tail in the back.  Yes, it was time. Anyway, I wouldn't say it was a pleasant experience but so much better than the previous hair cuts.  He basically sat in my lap with his head on me and let her cut his hair that way.  We both ended up with hair ALL.OVER.US (he is not a fan of the capes) but there was no screaming and no need for Josh to completely restrain him.  Maybe one day he will actually enjoy getting a hair cut.  Who knows?  Anything is possible right?

*MOVIES:  Our theater shows kids movies every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings of the Summer for $1.  Isabel has been to the movies twice and loves it.  She does really well sitting still and watching it.  Will has not been yet....for a reason!  He has a hard time watching a 20 min show on TV without playing a little baseball in the middle of it.  I decided to risk it and take them both to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.  Lauren and Avery were in town so they came too.  Overall I would say it was a success.  Will didn't really trust those chairs so he didn't sit a whole lot but he wasn't running around everywhere either.  I finally gave in and bought candy after about 30 minutes and that made the last 45 min way more enjoyable for all! :) 

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