Sunday, June 26, 2011

McWane center

While in Birmingham, we took the kids to the McWane center. We all had a lot of fun!
Isabel would have stayed in front of this thing the entire time if we had let her. She loved dancing in front of it and watching herself on the screen

Will had no idea that this was measuring his height with sound waves (or something like that) but he thought it was fun to stand there anyway

Water is always fun!

Will and Avery had fun standing next to huge vegetables. Who wouldn't?

I would like to explain this but I actually have no idea what it was. The kids thought it was hilarious that all 3 of them were laying in it though.

We spent some time digging for dinosaur bones

Yes, I realize that neither of my children are actually looking at the camera but it is the only picture I have of us from the entire week so it made the blog anyway!


While most kids were making hand prints, Will decided to make a belly print.

Will and I enjoyed the wind tunnel. ha ha!

Will really liked looking at the sharks and stingrays. Actually I don't think he cared a whole lot about the animals. He just liked climbing on the wall by himself!

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