Wednesday, June 1, 2011

definition of skinny

The other day Isabel was sitting on the bathroom counter looking at the mirror while I dried her hair.
Isabel: Mommy, I'm skinnier than you.
Me:  ummm what?
Isabel:  I'm skinnier than you
Me:  Isabel that isn't really a nice thing to say to people
Isabel:  (looks at me like I'm crazy)
Me:  Isabel, do you know what skinny means?
Isabel:  ummm, (rubbing arm) ...skinny.  My skin is lighter than yours.

After talking to Josh I found out that another time she told him she was skinnier than him because she was wearing a sleeveless dress and was showing more skin than he was.

I have to admit that I didn't really give her a better definition of the word.  I started to but then I decided that I didn't really want her to think in terms of "skinny" or "fat."  I don't want her to think of herself or others that way and I certainly don't want her to call someone fat so if my child informs you that she is skinnier than you, please don't be offended.  Her definition of skinny is a little different than ours!

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Angie said...

So cute! Glad you didn't tell her the real definition. She'll learn soon enough!!