Monday, May 23, 2011

Will 2.5

My baby boy is 2 and a half and I decided that deserved a post! I just read the post I did on Isabel when she turned 2.5 and laughed at the similarities and then the differences. Like his sister, Will is always entertaining! He is constantly singing and wanting to show us his new tricks (jumping high, running fast, climbing something, etc). He also talks all.the.time! I really thought that Will would be a quiet kid just because Isabel talked so much. I was wrong!! He can easily talk just as much as his sister. However he is not always a great listener. He makes Isabel so mad when she is trying to tell him something and he completely tunes her out. I guess that trait starts early in guys! :)

Will is ALL boy! He is still obsessed with all sports and wants to be moving at all times. I think I am finally getting better at being a mom to a little boy. This has taken me a while. I'm learning that there are things that he does that are not "bad." He is simply being a boy. For example, he plays with toys VERY differently than Isabel. He is way more aggressive than Isabel is with things but he is not trying to hurt anyone or be mean. That is just the way he plays. Will makes cars violently crash into each other or he shoves a toy in your face because it is a "bad guy" that is trying to get you! He pretends things are fire hoses and runs around the house waving it everywhere to put the fire out. No, he isn't trying to break everything in our house. He is just being a boy and I'm learning to love it!

Luckily he still loves to snuggle! I could hug him and kiss him all day long and most of the time he will let me. He wants to be a big boy and do things by himself but then a second later he will tell me that he is still my baby boy and wants me to hold him. He is becoming more independent and trying out that fun word "NO!" more often. I'm hoping his time in time out will help him to realize that it isn't such a great word to use with mommy and daddy! He still loves his big sister but is no longer quite as willing to do whatever she tells him to do. This transition is hard on us all but I love when they find a way to play together in a way that makes them both happy.

Will has done great with potty training.  He hasn't had an accident since day 3 of potty training (now he will tomorrow just because I wrote that).  He is still a good sleeper although he has started waking up a lot earlier. ugh! One day we will have to get him out of his crib and take away that paci but I think I'll wait another 6 months before we do that!  He is still afraid of dogs, hates haircuts and doesn't love the character/mascot things but he has no fear when it comes to climbing, sliding, jumping, etc.  Will is allergic to dairy, peanuts and cats but is doing really well with that.  He can now tell people things that he cannot have so I don't have to worry quite as much.  I'm still praying he outgrows it someday soon though!  He is a smart, happy and funny little boy and we love him so much!

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