Saturday, May 7, 2011

Early Mother's Day gifts

I remember being younger and thinking that all the moms were just lying when they said they loved home-made gifts more than anything bought from a store. Now I'm a mom and I know they were telling the truth. This year Isabel and Will made gifts at school for me and I LOVE them! Isabel may have been just as excited as I was. They obviously started making the gifts on Tuesday but she didn't bring them home until Thursday. She talked constantly about her surprise for me for 2 days. "I can't tell you anything about it, mommy..............except it is yellow..........and I am in the middle of it!" She was so excited about giving me my gifts and I loved them!

Although she was very proud of her jeweled magnet, this was definitely my favorite!!

*favorite thing to eat: pasta--I asked Isabel about this (because I don't really eat pasta so often) and she explained that she just knew that I loved HER FAVORITE pasta!! :)
*put my covers on myself--this made Josh and me laugh out loud! Recently she has been waking us up in the middle of the night to come cover her up. I decided it was a little ridiculous and so each night I explain that she needs to do it herself. Maybe I have said it a little too much!

Will ran out of his classroom with his gifts in hand saying, "Happy Birthday Mommy!!"
I love this because I love anything with a hand print on it!


kaw said...

i love this! i wish thomas's class did those questions. sort of. i have a mother's day present from him from school, but i'm not allowed to open it till mother's day.

The Gaymons said...

Congratulations on being 16 and weighing 7 pounds! I would have guessed the same. =)

The Gaymons said...

By the way, Maggie has been getting up for the exact same reason, and we have her "go back to bed and put her covers on herself."

Courtney said...

My brother got in trouble when he was Isabel's age...they did it for Father's Day on the drink question he put that my Dad's favorite drink was Beer! My mother was mortified! My Dad probably just laughed.