Sunday, May 29, 2011

first trip of the summer

Last week we headed to Nana's house for our first trip of the summer. Josh's grandparents and cousin were there too. We had not seen them in about a year and a half so we were excited to get to spend some time with them. I never knew my great-grandparents so I love that Isabel and Will get to have this time with theirs. They loved spending this time with them!

Will got to play cars with great-grandpa

Isabel and Will also had fun spending time with their cousins. They loved "taking care" of baby Ansley. I have to admit, I loved getting my baby fix too! She is precious!

The kids did tons of art projects. Here is Will wearing a hat he made with my mom

Nana is a brave woman. She let a 2 year old, 2.5 year old and a 4 year old do some real painting. They loved it!

Isabel and Will spent about 90% of their time on Nana's back deck. I can't really say that they went swimming since they quickly decided the water was way too cold in this little pool so they mainly just got their hands and feet wet. They had fun though!

I think the highlight of the trip for Isabel was her tea party. Nana let her use her china to set the table and even wear her tiara. Isabel made invitations for everyone and then gave each person another piece of paper to write her a thank you note. She even told them exactly what to write!

Isabel felt so big when she got to hold Ansley!

William wanted his picture with Ansley too!

Wait a this a picture of all 4 cousins actually looking at the camera and smiling?? Yes, yes it is. It is a miracle!!

Look, we even got TWO of them!!

reading books with great-grandma before bed. I love this!
We are so thankful for our family!! Isabel and Will have no idea how much they are loved by so many people.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just because she's cute

Will 2.5

My baby boy is 2 and a half and I decided that deserved a post! I just read the post I did on Isabel when she turned 2.5 and laughed at the similarities and then the differences. Like his sister, Will is always entertaining! He is constantly singing and wanting to show us his new tricks (jumping high, running fast, climbing something, etc). He also talks all.the.time! I really thought that Will would be a quiet kid just because Isabel talked so much. I was wrong!! He can easily talk just as much as his sister. However he is not always a great listener. He makes Isabel so mad when she is trying to tell him something and he completely tunes her out. I guess that trait starts early in guys! :)

Will is ALL boy! He is still obsessed with all sports and wants to be moving at all times. I think I am finally getting better at being a mom to a little boy. This has taken me a while. I'm learning that there are things that he does that are not "bad." He is simply being a boy. For example, he plays with toys VERY differently than Isabel. He is way more aggressive than Isabel is with things but he is not trying to hurt anyone or be mean. That is just the way he plays. Will makes cars violently crash into each other or he shoves a toy in your face because it is a "bad guy" that is trying to get you! He pretends things are fire hoses and runs around the house waving it everywhere to put the fire out. No, he isn't trying to break everything in our house. He is just being a boy and I'm learning to love it!

Luckily he still loves to snuggle! I could hug him and kiss him all day long and most of the time he will let me. He wants to be a big boy and do things by himself but then a second later he will tell me that he is still my baby boy and wants me to hold him. He is becoming more independent and trying out that fun word "NO!" more often. I'm hoping his time in time out will help him to realize that it isn't such a great word to use with mommy and daddy! He still loves his big sister but is no longer quite as willing to do whatever she tells him to do. This transition is hard on us all but I love when they find a way to play together in a way that makes them both happy.

Will has done great with potty training.  He hasn't had an accident since day 3 of potty training (now he will tomorrow just because I wrote that).  He is still a good sleeper although he has started waking up a lot earlier. ugh! One day we will have to get him out of his crib and take away that paci but I think I'll wait another 6 months before we do that!  He is still afraid of dogs, hates haircuts and doesn't love the character/mascot things but he has no fear when it comes to climbing, sliding, jumping, etc.  Will is allergic to dairy, peanuts and cats but is doing really well with that.  He can now tell people things that he cannot have so I don't have to worry quite as much.  I'm still praying he outgrows it someday soon though!  He is a smart, happy and funny little boy and we love him so much!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


We have been invaded by Cicadas! Apparently these disgusting creatures appear every 13 years and this year is the "lucky" year (I really need a sarcastic font). No, they don't bite or sting or anything like that but there are TONS of them and they are gross and they are LOUD! Fortunately they only stay 4-6 weeks. I'm ready for them to be gone! Since they are only around every 13 years, I felt like I should take some pictures to remember this momentous time and share our fun with you. Excited aren't you? :) Enjoy these beautiful pictures...
We have also seen a lot of bunnies in our backyard. The kids love watching them. I'm fine with this invasion! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diaper Free!!

For the first time in 4 years and 3 months, our home is diaper free!  I have to say, it is a pretty great feeling.  Do you know how expensive diapers are?  Do you know how much I hated changing the diaper of a 2 year old little boy who does not enjoy having his diaper changed?  Do you know how gross those diaper genie things get after 4 years?  Yeah, it is good to be diaper free!

I have to say that I have really dreaded potty training Will.  I have heard so many horror stories about potty training boys and was told that I should wait until he was older.  We really felt like he was ready, though, so we jumped in.  I'm so glad we did.  Will did great!!  I am so proud of him and Isabel was the most encouraging big sister ever.  We used the same 3 day potty training boot camp method we used with Isabel and it worked great!  He even stayed dry all day at school yesterday.  He is still in a pull-up for nights but I am fine with that.  The only problem we are having is that he has started waking up super early and I think it is because he needs to go to the bathroom.  One morning he went potty and then went back to sleep but this morning he just wanted to stay up. Ugh! I'm hoping that part gets better.  I would love any advice on that if you have any.

It is a little hard that my "baby" boy is growing up but I can't say I will miss dealing with diapers all that much!

Dancing mermaid

Isabel had another dance performance last night. Since they danced to a song from Little Mermaid they all wore their bathing suits. Isabel was beyond excited about showing us the dance AND wearing her bathing suit. She did a great job and we are so proud of her!

Isabel and her friend, Sasha

Will loved watching her dance (and yes, he is wearing long sleeves. Although it was 90 degrees a few days ago, the high was in the 50's yesterday!)

Ready to start dancing...

Close up of my cutie

Isabel watched us and smiled for the cameras almost the entire time..which meant she was not always paying as much attention to the actual dance moves she was supposed to be doing.

Isabel and her sweet teachers. We love them!

As soon as Isabel finished her picture, Will ran up to have his own picture made! I guess he couldn't resist being surrounded by 4 pretty girls! :)

My dancer with her flower and balloon. She was a happy girl!

**Yes, I realize the pictures are huge but making them this big is the only way I can keep them from being blurry.  Plus I think it will help when I print them out one day.


Isabel has been obsessed with having her fingernails and toenails painted for a while now. Now she is also obsessed with doing it herself. So far I have only been brave enough to let her try with clear glitter polish.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Being a mommy is definitely one of the best but also one of the hardest things I have ever done! Hugs from these two make the hard days worth it! 

These two can fill me with joy or frustrate me faster than anyone else!

I'm so glad my mom got to spend Mother's Day weekend with us. Josh and I both know how lucky we are to have been raised by such amazing mothers and to still have them be such a huge part of our lives. They are also the 2 best grandmas ever! :)

So thankful that Josh is such a great husband and daddy. He helps me to be the best mommy I can be. I love you Josh!

Some Mother's Day funnies....

Isabel: Why are some mommies a mother and some are a mommy?

Isabel after giving me her gifts:  You know what would be a good idea? How about after I give you really sweet presents, you can give me some?
**apparently we need to continue to work on "giving is better than receiving"

Will decided that Mother's Day would be the best day to have the BIGGEST tantrum ever in the middle of Lowe's.  Once it was finally over he fell and hit his mouth on the basket causing him to try to run away from us in the parking lot screaming (when he gets hurt he doesn't want anyone near whatever he hurt).  After all of this we finally get in the car and Josh and I are exhausted.  Will finally gets quiet and then 2 minutes later says, "Happy Easter Mommy!" in the sweetest, happiest voice ever! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Early Mother's Day gifts

I remember being younger and thinking that all the moms were just lying when they said they loved home-made gifts more than anything bought from a store. Now I'm a mom and I know they were telling the truth. This year Isabel and Will made gifts at school for me and I LOVE them! Isabel may have been just as excited as I was. They obviously started making the gifts on Tuesday but she didn't bring them home until Thursday. She talked constantly about her surprise for me for 2 days. "I can't tell you anything about it, mommy..............except it is yellow..........and I am in the middle of it!" She was so excited about giving me my gifts and I loved them!

Although she was very proud of her jeweled magnet, this was definitely my favorite!!

*favorite thing to eat: pasta--I asked Isabel about this (because I don't really eat pasta so often) and she explained that she just knew that I loved HER FAVORITE pasta!! :)
*put my covers on myself--this made Josh and me laugh out loud! Recently she has been waking us up in the middle of the night to come cover her up. I decided it was a little ridiculous and so each night I explain that she needs to do it herself. Maybe I have said it a little too much!

Will ran out of his classroom with his gifts in hand saying, "Happy Birthday Mommy!!"
I love this because I love anything with a hand print on it!