Sunday, April 10, 2011


Isabel:  Mommy, did you know that God and Jesus walked on water?
Will:  He walked on the moon too!

Josh:  If you could be any animal in the zoo what would you want to be?
Will: Giraffe!!
Josh:  What would you want to be Isabel?
Isabel: A fairy

Recently Isabel and Will have fallen in love with the game I spy. Their favorite place to play is at the dinner table. When Isabel is the "spyer" she always spies the same thing!  Seriously. Every time. When Will is the spyer he spies "something blue" but never actually has anything in mind so we can guess for a while.  As you can imagine Josh and I can only handle this for so long.  The other day both kids were begging to play over and over while Josh and I were trying to finish a sentence....
Josh: Ok, you two play I spy and mommy and me are going to play a game called talk to another grown up

Isabel really likes writing her name right now but has trouble with writing the "S." The other day she was getting really frustrated (which means she tried once and couldn't do it perfectly)
Isabel:  I think I will just start writing my name Bella
me:  that isn't your name though
Isabel: yeah, but it doesn't have an S in it

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