Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg time!!

We finally got around to dying Easter eggs the day before Easter. I'll be honest. I don't really like this tradition. There I said it. Plus, I'm not really sure Isabel and Will really even like it. They just aren't old enough to really get into it and no 2 or 4 year old want to sit still looking at an egg in a bowl while it changes color. Regardless, we did it....

yeah, he looks excited here but you should have seen his face 2 seconds later when I explained that we needed to leave the egg in longer for it to actually turn blue. Not a lot of patience at 2

A quick picture with mommy while we wait

Isabel and her daddy (for some reason EVERY time I tried to take Isabel's picture this weekend she would throw her hands up in the air and scream EASTER!! Not sure why but I have a lot of pictures with her arms up in the air.)

"carefully" dropping the egg in the "no-spill" bowl

We were glad that Nana got to spend part of Easter weekend with us. Once again Isabel has her arms in the air and is screaming Easter. Have I mentioned lately how dramatic this girl is? :)

I'll admit that this was my favorite part of the entire Easter egg dying process. Will, bored with the eggs, decides he wants some of the cadbury egg that Josh is eating. Josh offers him a bite and Will eats half the egg in one bite! He immediately regretted his decision.

His little face was hilarious as he tried to eat the egg. When Nana asked if he liked it, he quickly shook his head no and started asking for his cup! ha ha!

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