Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our Easter egg hunt at church today. After a week of beautiful sunny days with highs in the 70s, it rained last night and then was only in the 50's today. Luckily it didn't ruin our plans. We just moved everything inside. We had a bouncy house, face painting, popcorn and of course the Easter egg hunt. We all had so much fun!

Isabel was excited about being "pinkalicious"

Isabel and her friend Samuel paused from hunting eggs to take a picture. I love these two! :)

Will was not so excited about the Easter egg hunt. I let him have popcorn for the first time about 2 minutes before the hunt started. He was WAY more excited about eating popcorn than finding eggs.

Finally (when the popcorn was almost gone) he decided to get a few eggs too

Isabel and Will with their friend Kia

Isabel got her face painted. She loved it!!

so excited about her flower

Will was not so sure about someone painting on his face. He felt like getting his hand painted was a better idea.

loving that Easter egg!

Silly girl!

Will with his buddy, Owen

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