Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A perfect Sunday afternoon

We had some great weather on Sunday afternoon between the storms so we had to take advantage of it and play outside. I can't tell you the number of times over the past few months that Isabel has asked when we would be able to swing again. We are so thankful for the spring-like weather so we get a chance to play outside. I'm just ready for it to stay a while!
My little man
I bought Isabel some spring and summer dresses at a consignment sale last week (since every dress from last year has become a mini-dress that daddy does not approve of!). She was so excited and had to wear one to church!
yes, we still have valentine's hearts on our doors. the kids love these window cling stickers and there aren't any Easter ones out yet so I can't take these off
BIG NEWS: Isabel can officially swing herself! Last year she mastered the motions of pumping her legs but wasn't actually successful in making herself go. This year, she is great at it. Instead of hearing, "mommy swing me" every few seconds I am constantly saying, "Isabel, not too high!"
Are you surprised that Will spends most of his time outside going from baseball to basketball to soccer and then back again?
Will did take some time out to slide while Isabel blew some bubbles
Doing a little driving...

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